Circus Collective Isn’t Just Another Boutique Fitness Studio

Originally published on December 5th, 2019 for 5280.

It was around 9 p.m. and most of the official structured classes at Circus Collective were winding down. The aerial yoga students were putting away their silks and taking down the trapezes that hung from the rafters on a 30-foot-tall ceiling. The other students juggling light-up pins, hoops, and balls were starting to dissipate. As one student pulled on his shoes, he asked a question to his friend I’d never heard at any other boutique fitness studio: “I’m going to do an edible and stretch for two and a half hours tomorrow. Want to join?”

The vibe at Circus Collective is unlike the trendy and corporate boutique fitness classes that have popped up on nearly every corner of Denver. Deep in the warehouse district of Sunnyside, next to the giant mural of a sun that adorns the Denver Beer Co. Canworks, the studio isn’t catering to the techies and office workers who squeeze in a CrossFit workout during their lunch break or the hipster yogis who rush to a class after work.

The studio is a destination. Along with traditional yoga classes, its main allure is the slightly more obscure pursuits including acro and aerial yoga, lyra, juggling, trapeze and rope classes. Many of their weekly scheduled events are called jams—free time for jugglers, acrobats, and circus performers of all levels to train, practice, and learn from the community.

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