How paying over time and Bluecore make a statement in your customer’s inbox

Originally published for Affirm on August 14th, 2019.

Email is one of a business’s most powerful communication tools. But when overused or used to send the wrong message, it can become the fastest way to lose credibility with your customers.

Powered by a sophisticated email management system, a good email will avoid exhausting your customers and can boost business.  An analysis of Bluecore data showed that retailers who leveraged Affirm’s messaging in emails sent using Bluecore’s smart triggers saw an impact on their bottom lines that included increased conversions, revenues, and order values. 

 The directional data from 12 email campaigns sent from seven retailers showed an average of 44% more revenue and 25% higher average order values per email in emails that mention Affirm’s pay-over-time option when compared to pre-Affirm emails.

 Below are three tips for making the most of the combined power of Bluecore and Affirm in your email marketing performance.

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